It is okay not to have a plan

‘We plan, God laughs’ – I did not believe, or experienced until a few days ago. I came to Tampa, Florida in October 2019 with a hope to start a new life. I had a perfect one year plan to work on myself and call my family here. But nothing worked or is working so far as per my “plan”.

I first came to USA in 2013 and stayed here for just an year. My work trip ended up unexpectedly by a life threatening disease and I came back to India in 2015. Living alone in a foreign country is a very tough task and people around are not as supportive as they are in our own country. I never imagined to come back here until 2017 when I decided to give my life in US one more chance, little did I know my life would turn upside down in this tenure.I went through the worst physically and mentally. I barely bounced back to life last year until I came to Tampa in October to start all over again. Life offered me few more surprises and shocks and I am still processing them.

So it is okay not to have a plan because we do not know how our life may change in a moment. I have learned this the hard way and it took my 30 years to finally be free from the burden of planning. Let us learn from the failures because they had something to teach us and celebrate the success because we deserve to be happy. So let us try not to plan and have faith because anything and everything can change in a moment.

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