“One for each” technique to fight depression

“Communication is the key to any healthy relationship” is a very common quote we know. But do we really communicate ? Or the words we exchange are only a formal “social interaction” for a purpose. I come across at least one person every day arguing the existence of depression and “It is all in the mind” phrase. Earlier, I used to get irritated and loose my cool. But then I got to the root of the issue – Communication. Are we really communicating what we feel for each other or discuss our emotions when dealing with issues.

I belong to a generation who have seen both 90s era and current era where technology and social media took over. In 90s and early 2000s, people cared for each other. Absence of social media played an important role. People actually took out time to spend with each other, communicate about how they feel. And this is why, mental illness was rare because people actually cared for each other by staying in touch.

In today’s world, our lives revolve around social media. Blessings of technology are a curse for mental health. We are all so busy in earning our living that we do not have time to live. “How are you” is a very common greeting, response of which is “I am fine, how are you”. No body really cares how anyone else is doing unless they are close friends or immediate family. What about those who do not have anyone to share with. Suicide rates are sky high. Is this going to resolve some day or will this be a road towards human extinction. I guess no because technology is advancing every day leaving people behind. And all of us are blinded in this race where no one will win.

But I still see a hope. I recommend a “One for each” technique. Each individual must have at least one “go-to” person who they can connect day to day. The go-to person can be anyone – a friend, a family member, a colleague or a stranger. Both the individuals can take care of each other on a daily basis by getting in touch with a message or a call. This may sound very simple, but no one really follows it. Relationships fail because of the same reason. Any two individuals in a relationship can be very different but the issues will never resolve until there is a lack of communication, compassion and forgiveness.

Let us take a step towards saving lives and fighting depression by following “One for each” technique. Let us find our person who we take care of for the rest of our lives. Let us take time for each other and build a society where “how are you” is not just a greeting. Because the next time someone asks me and I am not fine, I will say so.

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