When I Found The ‘Calling Of My Life’

I strongly believe in the concept of the mythological bird Phoenix. It is believed that Phoenix is the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal. It represents transformation, death, and rebirth from its own ashes. It translates into real life as well. Once we die a little inside by putting to death the falsity we held onto within us, then we can reborn again. Rebirthed and resurrected as a new version of ourselves that has put the falsity to the fire. The fire is a symbol of cleansing and purification. By going through the turbulence of the fires of tribulation, the friction and heat of battling our inner demons have purified us. We are remade into stronger, better, more pure versions of ourselves. 

A few years ago, I did not have a purpose in life. I was following a set pattern. I pursued engineering and started working in one of the topmost multinational companies in India. In 2.5 years, I was lucky to get an onsite opportunity in the USA. My family wasn’t happy to send me to a foreign land for 3 years. I promised them to come back in a year. I was only 23. I was on cloud nine. I was in a very happy space in my life. But there was an emptiness in me. I wasn’t able to figure out the cause of my emptiness. I discussed the same with my Guru and he suggested to introspect. An Indian woman at the age of 24 is perfect marriage material. Just when I thought everything will be perfect, I fell so sick that I almost thought I would not be able to make it back to India and see my loved ones. 

This was when I realized the purpose of my life. I started thinking, this could not be the end of my life. What if it ends today, what have I achieved? If I die right here, at this moment, then what have I done for mankind? This was when I could sense the calling of my life. I could feel a strong inclination to follow it. I wanted to give back to society. I was yet to experience the horrifying mental illness, but I had a sense of it. I wanted to offer my service to society in any way I can. I could only see this as my ultimate goal and nothing else. IT work, money, fame did not matter to me. I managed to go back to India with a clear goal in my life as if I was reborn.

So finding the calling of life may not always be a very tough journey. You just have to listen to your inner self. God will definitely send a guiding light to show you the path. Once I found the calling of my life, I had to burn so that I could transform into a better version of myself. I feel lucky that almighty has chosen me as one of those who has found the purpose in life. So for the past 5 years, my burning process is in progress. But now I am rising from my own ashes. I feel a strong magnetic calling from the universe to surrender myself to what I am born for. I do not know about the destination, but I cannot wait for this journey which has already begun. 

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