Depression Mental Health

The worst of all is the death of the dreams

Last morning, I woke up with heartbreaking news of the suicide of a young Indian actress Preksha Mehta. She committed suicide at her residence in Indore, Madhya Pradesh hanging herself from the ceiling fan.

I am speechless. I cannot even imagine how tormented she must have been to have taken that step. I  read her last Instagram story which said “सबसे बुरा होता है सपनो का मर जाना” with a black background. I was not following her Instagram page until this morning. Since then, I have clicked her story a hundred times and each time, I tried to imagine her state of mind. Her dreams were shattered badly. She was hurting inside and yet no one could see that behind her glittering smile and soulful eyes.

I am mourning the loss of an actress, a young artist, a daughter to old parents who can never be the same again. But I am so angry at the current social trend we are living in. Facebook has added a new ‘care’ emoji reaction on their app, but we have stopped caring for each other. When Preksha updated her status on social media, so many of her contacts might have seen it but chose to ignore it like most of us do all the time. How many of her friends or acquaintances actually knew that she was struggling. I bet none or a few. I wish at least one of them knew and got her the required help, she would still be with us and I would not be writing this.

On average, one person dies each minute in this world of suicide by depression. At times I am so angry with the fact that like any other disease, there are no physical symptoms of depression. We human beings are so complicated choose to hide it behind our smile and a simple reply ‘I am fine’.  

So, let us start keeping a check on friends/colleagues with whom we do not connect. Let us randomly drop a text ‘Hi’ and ask them how they are doing. Let them know you are reachable and will help them out when they would be in crisis. Let us take Mental Health seriously before it affects our loved ones.

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