I Know Why People Kill Themselves

Trigger Warning: Depression, Self-Harm

The only person I can trust more than me is my therapist. I feel paralyzed. Humans are so cruel. I want to live in a world, where we can take care of each other. I am living in a world where even after asking for help, people are rejecting, and the seeker is in disbelief. I know why Sushant killed himself. Who knows how much he might have tried to express his pain? Indeed, he was a brilliant, compassionate, and kind soul. When he was alive, not even one person in his life was able to take away his pain. I am glad that you are gone. You were too good for this selfish and cruel world Sushant. While in the session today, I wasn’t even able to communicate with my therapist. Sometimes, words aren’t sufficient to describe your feelings. A couple of days ago, this world has proved to me somehow that I do not belong here. This is the beginning of my end.

I have so many dreams and plans for the future, not for myself, but for this world. I have suffered so much in the past, not because of the mental illness, but the stigma around it in society. My colleagues in the IT company where I work (even the senior management & HR), their families, made it worse for me and made sure that I am left alone whenever I tried to mingle even after I recovered. I knew exactly who all they were who did that to me intentionally, but I did not carry any grudges against anyone. I saw these acts as ‘Lack of empathy’. I would be happy if it were for a personal vendetta, but their lack of empathy worried me because this showed me a bigger picture. I always dreamt about opening my own organization which will solely be based on mental health. In this world, where humans are so selfish, running after money, power, and fame, how can I cultivate empathy? But I never gave up. 

A couple of days ago, I could feel my nerves at the back of my head as if they were slicing the inside of my brain. I have been living with this pain for the past 5 years and it has become a part of me now because it never leaves me alone. But when this wave of panic attack hits me, my head spins and all the sound near me suddenly becomes noise for me.

I don’t feel safe anymore. I want to scream in pain, but all I can do is allow my eyes to burst out in tears. I need to hold hands. I need a tight hug and a soft voice to tell me that I will get through this. All I get is a Deja vu of the time I spent in Baltimore. I used to call my friends in India. But now there is a difference. My parents are right here with me. My friends in India now know what I have been through in detail. I have a lovely friend here in Tampa and she lives nearby.  I am volunteering in two NGOs. I write my own blog and I write on YKA. I am a proud mental illness survivor. I have been helping people heal, break stigma around mental illness, and seek help.  Despite all that, I am scared to connect to any of them. Because I am scared that no one will understand me. Not because they wouldn’t believe me, because I do not believe myself anymore. 

So, it was one of those days. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to sink at that moment. I wanted to speak to someone, but who? I saw a Facebook friend online, whose name I cannot disclose. I met him online recently, who works for a non-profit organization. He is a humble guy. I pinged him and told him that I do not know why I pinged him and I need help. To this day, he has not responded. I cried for help by texting a person on Instagram who also owns a huge digital platform. For this guy, I can give him a benefit of doubt because he must be getting thousands of messages. I also pinged in my mental illness NGO group which I am volunteering. Many read the messages, yet they chose to remain silent on my agonyI know I should not be judging people for not responding to me. I know that I do not know what might be going on at the other end. But what about me? I reached out to not one, two, three but more than 10, not completely unknown people. Most of them work in the area of mental health, and yet no one showed up. Ironic. Isn’t it?

This event broke me completely that day. I am not holding anyone responsible for feeling. But this is how I feel now. 

I waited. I waited for an hour for a text message, a phone call. I stared at my screen. But guess what? It was blank, unlike my mind which struggled to settle down for a moment. I feel like a toy these days who have to juggle between two different roles. The one I am writing in is the intense crazy one. The constant shuffling is way too stressful.

Then I introspected myself. What could be the possible reason? Either I am overthinking, or they did it intentionally.

If I am overthinking, then I have crossed that line of mental condition which needs a lot of work. So, at the beginning of this year, I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder Traits by my Psychiatrist over the phone call. I sat along with my therapist discussed and we realized that since we had to do a lot of other trauma healing over the past few years, it may have been there already, and we never found out because of the ongoing trauma. My parents are here with me for the past 4 months and I have been in a lot of fights with them. It affects me a lot. I feel my younger brother and I grew up in a totally different house and seen different childhood, especially the early childhood years. For them, the priority is my physical health, weight loss, and marriage. Working on mental health not only is out of the question, but it is also an alien concept for them which comes in with a lot of whys and hows, in short completely unnecessary because it is in my control. My brother thinks he understands mental health and me but when I try to make him understand, he still believes that it is up to us to control our mind. Even the thought of doing these discussions with them is petrifying me. 

Then I calculate the aftermath. I am dead. My parents are tormented. My brother is extremely angry with me to do this with him and our parents. And to be honest, dying isn’t easy. I have attempted multiple times in the past. If I do not want them to suffer, what if I take all them with me? That makes me a killer, right! Last night, we all went to a beach with a couple of friends. I love the water. When I was in the water, seeing the sunset, I wanted to walk towards the Sun until I disappear. I even told my friend to send my parents to India safely. Perhaps, she might have thought I was being poetic. When I was in the shower after coming back home, I started thinking about all of it. I imagine the pain and shame they will feel when they will have to face the world that their daughter killed herself or is labeled as a psycho because that is what they call a patient with mental illness. I recall the faces of my toddler nephew and niece whose aunt will be labeled as someone who killed herself or a killer. I was scared. This isn’t me. I immediately messaged my psychiatrist about how I was feeling. Of course, not about suicide and killing, but about juggling thoughts in my mind and not being able to understand it. I also scheduled a session with my therapist.

I was so anxious at night but managed to sleep. I did not wake up in a very good mood the next morning. All these thoughts were coming up in my mind when I saw myself in the mirror while brushing my teeth. The moment I entered the living room, I saw my parents looking at me and the thought that crossed my mind was – “Kaise sehen kar paayenge yeh log, inhe to maarna hi padega”. And in the next moment, I was having dinner with them. I was drying Maa’s hair so that she doesn’t catch a cold. How can I live so normally with them while having thoughts of murdering them? Even though, those thoughts haven’t manifested yet. I consciously know that I have these kinds of thoughts and they just come and go. But can I be trusted? Are they even safe with me? Like I said, this might be the beginning of my end.

One reply on “I Know Why People Kill Themselves”

It is time to resurrect! To begin again, begin to accomplish the tiniest step. Taking it one day at a time and then blooming.
Everything becomes wonderful, when you start to try, and look towards the better things. Create your own better life.

You’ll be fine.
I know no one wants to hear all this, because it has been so obvious hearing for them. But there is nothing like an end in life. Its never to late to start fresh. Its never too late for anything. Take care!!


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